Canadian Data Science Workshop (CDSW): 29 April - 1 May 2018

Happy to be in Toronto to participate in the workshop and discuss data science challenges with researchers, industries, public and not-for-profit organizations.

There are insightful talks given by:

Dr. Alejandra de Almeida (Research & Innovation Development Officer of NSERC)

> NSERC Partnership Grant Programs

Dr. Sallie Keller (Director of Social and Decision Analytics Lab and Professor of Statistics, Virginia Tech) 

> Creating a Data Science Centric Organization - Challenges and Opportunities

 Dr. Juliana Freire (Executive Director, NYU Moore-Sloan Data Science Environment and Professor of Computer Science & Engineering and Data Science, NYU) 

> Building a Data Science Environment: A View from the Trenches

There are break-out sessions covering the following five topics: 

1 - Trust and usability

2 - Big data management

3 - Modelling and analysis

4 - Dissemination & Visualization

5 - Data security & privacy

Data Science Ecosystem. Image Credit:

Data Science Ecosystem. Image Credit: