Basic Statistics

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STAT 1060: Introductory statistics for science and health sciences

This course gives an introduction to the basic concepts of statistics through extensive use of examples. The topics include experimental design, descriptive statistics, simple linear regression and the basics of statistical inference. Students will learn to use the statistical package MINITAB. NOTE: Students who have already taken university level Calculus should consider taking STAT 2060.03 instead of STAT 1060.03.


STAT 2080: statistical methods for data analysis for data analysis & inference

The usual sequel to STAT 1060.03 or STAT 2060.03. This course introduces a number of techniques for data analysis and inference commonly used in the experimental sciences. Topics covered include model building in linear models, multiple regression, analysis of variance, factorial designs, analysis of covariance using the general techniques for linear models and two and three way tables along with logistic regression. A natural sequel for this course is STAT 3340.03.


PHAR 2010: pharmacy critical appraisal series i

This problem-based learning course focuses on the provincial and federal laws that regulate the practice and profession of pharmacy, and key ethical principles and considerations for the pharmacist. Students will learn through a series of mini-cases based on real-life practice scenarios, with integrated ethical components. Students will be introduced to professionalism and the associated responsibilities of a pharmacist. This course introduces students to the legal and professional framework on which all pharmacists practice. Integrated courses in future classes will build on the law and ethics introduced in this course.